Simply enjoy the finer things in life!
They need to be available whenever you want to use them!

Like, for instance, a fine motor yacht for wonderful hours of the water

Do you think about buying a yacht? If you do then you will certainly know that buying a yacht entails not only joy but also a great burden, much responsibility and an enormous amount of time. The annual average cost for berth and maintenance of a yacht alone amount to about 10% of the purchase sum. And let’s not forget your precious time for organising smooth operation!

Are you really willing to take that trouble?

Why don’t you rather enjoy pure pleasure only and benefit from our charter offer whenever you want to make use of a yacht for a limited amount of time!

This is how you can save time, money and energy!

With our experience in the exclusive charter business of many years, we can guarantee you service at the highest level. You can expect: our elegant WhiteStar fleet with best equipped and perfectly maintained motor yachts!

Our partner company works based on the same philosophy

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